Monday, 27 November 2017 09:45

Diving Body Meeting

On Sunday 26th November, 2017, the diving body meeting was held at the headquarters of the Qatar Swimming Association. The meeting was attended by Mr. Talal   Mubarak Al Darwish,  Secretary General, Mr. Mohamed Al Sheeb, Executive Director, and Mr. Abdul Aziz Al-Janahi,  Head of Diving Body,. The meeting was to discuss the preparations for the upcoming events and the training plan provided by the body in order to have a world-class level divers.

Mr. Talal   Al Darwish said:

In the last Asian championship, We  managed to stand on the  Asian  podium receiving three different medals. We intend to raise the level of the athletes to compete in the next competitions.

Mr. Abdul Aziz Al-Janahi,  said:

I always attend the national team training and follow each athlete to assess his level. We do our  best to achieve the association's vision.  The diving body aims at Olympic participation as we trust our divers.”

Mr. Mr. Mohamed Al Sheeb declared that the association aims at developing the national team and offering all necessary to put the divers in a world-class level.