Friday, 06 October 2017 18:17

Khaleel Al-Jabir Assured FINA World Cup Success


Mr. Khaleel Al-Jabir, President of Qatar Swimming Association, assured the success of the 5th leg of the FINA/aerweave World Cup (25m) which was closed , as the organizers won kudos of the participants. Regarding the technical level, Mr. Khaleel Al-Jabir said: “The championship witnessed fierce competitions and achieved success that we are proud of”. Mr. Al-Jabir added: “The races level was very high as elite swimmers took part and all of them did the best to get the medals. I think the public too enjoyed the distinctive strong completions among the athletes.”
Al-Jabir continued: “The members of the organizing committees saved no efforts to make a successful event, and I want to thank them all. The event is expected from them as they are used to having excellent organization to achieve the Qatar’s ambitions to be always at the top.”

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Regarding the Qatar participation, Al-Jabir declared “The participants were good, we were happy to have our young swimmers to gain experience, and to eliminate their fear in order to take part in the different upcoming championships.

The association president concluded: “As a result of the well-organized event, Qatar renewed the contract to organize the cup for the next four years. Doha’s leg is an exceptional event among all other organized under the auspices of FINA which is very important, and we hope to uphold Qatar’s flag high with an international organization.

Mr. Cornel Marculescu, Executive Director of International Swimming Federation, praised the distinctive Qatari organization and said: “The organization was great as everyone witnessed the creativity in arrangement. I am not astonished because Qatar is used to be superior in organizing different championships”

Mr. Marculescu added: “The championship was distinctly and accurately organized in presence of the public. All these aspects cooperated to achieve the organizational or technical success required by the International Federation.

Mr. Cornel Marculescu continued: “There is a Strategic partnership with the Qatar Swimming Association through its provision of ideas and visions that have positive impact on the game and its fans which is a mean of pride for the International Federation.”
Talking about the technical level, Mr. Cornel Marculescu, Executive Director of International Swimming Federation, said: “The technical level was good, as we watched strong races among the best athletes which had a positive effect to achieve the required technical success.”
Mr. Cornel Marculescu expressed his appreciation to Qatar for the unique organization saying: “I would like to thank the organizing committee for this distinctive organization, the usual of Qatar,. Finally, he wished for more success and achievements.