Monday, 07 November 2016 18:56

Doha excellence in the organization of the World Championships

With reference to the success of the FINA World Swimming Championships (25m) in 2014, we are pleased to share with you the latest information released by FINA and in advance of the 2016 events in Canada (Dec 03-11, 2016).  

FINA World Swimming Championships (25m), Doha 2014

  1. Participation  

 chart 1

 b. Broadcasting

    1. i. Istanbul 2012:
  •     - 2’546 hours (51% from live programmes, 35% from delayed/repeat programmes, 14% from news, sports magazines and other coverage)     

                ii. Doha 2014:

  •          2’780 hours (9.2% overall increase from 2010, 62% from live programmes, 34% from delayed/repeat programmes, 4% from news, sports magazines and other coverage)
  •         207 territories
  •         1’180 programmes
  •         239’447’945 TV audience


  c. Advertising /Promotion

-        12 publications /49,000 copies

-        28 press conferences

-        15,000 photos (Getty Image)

-        22,134 tweets & 15,024 retweets

-        26,807 web & social news

-        9,726 unique authors

-        1,5 million hits per month (websites of QOC, ATR, LOC)

-        153 million potential impressions

-        203’985’703 $ total advertising value (54.3% increase over 2012)  

                             Data Source: Broadcast & Exposure Analysis Report


 d. Doha Positioning within FINA History

-        Dona’s World Swimming Championships (25m) was a FINA milestone in its sports events history and achievements, as it was the first one to combine the Championships, the Convention, the Golden Coaches Clinic, the Youth Programme, the Extraordinary Congress, the Youth Reporters, the Gala and Awards events within a period of 8 days. An example to be followed.   

Chart 2


                                        A close up in the 2014 line can be read below:  

 chart 3

During the last 12 years, Qatar Swimming Association (QSA) with the support of the Qatar Olympic Committee, managed to gain the trust and recognition of the FINA Family and the Aquatics world for delivering exceptional events, contributing to their sports promotion, not only in the region but worldwide too. FINA events, organized in Doha became a reference and model events for the future organizers.   

Our investment, knowledge, experience and know-how, were honored with the recent award of the 2023 FINA World Championships & World Masters Championships.      

Thank you for your hard work and contribution in achieving these remarkable results.