Main Topics covered during the Fina Swimming Clinic for Coach

The Instructors Training Course Started last Sunday, May 14, 2017 at the Lusail Hall of the Qatar Olympic Committee tower headed by the presence of international lecturer Douglas Eagar with the participation of 50 trainers. Mr. Khaleel Al Jabir, President of the Qatar Swimming Association welcomed the attendees.

Eagar praised the efforts of the Qatar Swimming Associations to develop trainers and coaches abilities through such courses and increase their efficiencies he also encourage all the participants and qualify them for the best.

The opening of the session was also attended by Mr. Talel Mohamed Mubarek Secretary General and Mr. Mohammed Abdullah Al Sheeb – Executive Director.


The most important highlighted points covered by the course : 

- The principles of training through different training zones.

- Drills, skills and progressions for performance.

- Structure of training programs.

- Adapting training programs to incorporate the swimmers strength and weakness.

- The use of land training in adolescent swimmers.

- Structure of results driven training cycles for age groupers.

- Combining psychological and physical training in young swimmers to achieve desired result.

- Long term athlete development.

- Structure of warm up and swim down programs and the importance thereof

- Mental preparation and visualization for junior swimmers.

- Optimal nutrition for young athletes and common nutrition issues for swimmer's.

- Race planning and strategy for competition.